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Since 1991, CPSI, the Pacific Northwest’s largest independent electrical contractor specializing in critical power systems, has been providing preventive maintenance, 24/7 emergency service, consulting and uninterruptible power system equipment sales and rentals.

CPSI specializes in critical power system design, sales, installation and service.  CPSI's expertise includes every component of critical power systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power distribution (PDU), transfer switches, battery and flywheel backup, and environmental regulation compliance equipment.  We represent best-in-class components from manufacturers including: Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Powerware, Cyberex, Cellwatch and Enviroguard.

CPSI is a licensed electrical contractor employing trained and experienced technical staff.  Our employees have been with our company for an average of seven years.  This benefits our customers as we are able to provide continuity of service.  In most cases, the same technician that has serviced your critical power systems for the last several years is the same technician that will continue to service your needs for years to come.  Our customers and employees stay with CPSI, year after year, because we are a great company to work with and to work for.  


UPS service safety is our first concern.CPSI develops site specific safety protocols to protect your employees, and ours, from harm while working on critical power systems which present inherent dangers from high voltage, direct current, caustic electrolyte and other hazardous materials. Our safety program has been reviewed for sufficiency by a third party and augmented by every person in our employ being certified in CPR and basic first aid.

Continuous Education

Technicians are factory trained and licensed.CPSI is continuously increasing and training our staff.  Our electricians and technicians are specialists in critical power systems.  Our technical staff receives formal factory training and have the years of experience, required to service critical power systems.  Our employees work in professional office environments and always conduct themselves with appropriate decorum. Our customers can trust that their operations will not be disrupted by our presence during preventive maintenance.

CPSI staff will obtain training on the multiple vendor equipment of your critical power system.  Acting as your representative, we will manage any vendors who may have sold you proprietary equipment, making certain that warranty and post-warranty maintenance is performed and training, maintenance and emergency services from factory representatives are available in a timely fashion.


 Toshiba G8000 100 to 300 kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Toshiba G8000 Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS )

The Toshiba G8000 is a 3 phase UPS, available in 100kVA, 150kVA, 225kVA, and 300kVA. 

The Toshiba G8000 UPS is widely used in the medical industry where power protection is critical. The G8000 offers unity power factor output which provides 20% more power than other UPS manufacturers. It is also 100% generator compatible, and its low input current harmonics means that you do not need to oversize your generator! In addition, the G8000's high crest factor is perfect to use on medical equipment such as MRIs and CT Scanners which have a high current inrush.

Features of the Toshiba G8000 UPS include:

• True On-Line Double Conversion UPS
• Input Power Factor > 0.98
• New Higher Output Power Factor 1.0
• Power Factor Correction for 100% Generator Compatibility
• Wide Input Voltage Window
• All IGBT Converter/Inverter Design
• Complete Front Access For Installation, Operation and Service
• External Battery Options For Customized Battery Back-Up Time
• XT Series is Designed for Extreme Applications (Harsh Environments)
• 100% Unballanced Load Capability
• SNMP/Web-Based Monitoring

Options for the Toshiba G8000 UPS:

Toshiba offers a wide range of options for the G8000 including matching battery cabinets. Users have the option to choose from a range of different backup time at different kVA size.

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