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Mitsubishi 9900A Service or Purchase, 80 kVA to 225 kVA Three Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS )

Mitsubishi 9800AD Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS)

The Mitsubishi 9900A series are three phase UPS, available in 80kVA, 100kVA & 150kVA, and 225kVA.  Mitsubishi Electric is the leading manufacturer of Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs), and now utilizes 4th generation IGBT in the converters and inverters of its Mitsubishi 9900A Series UPS systems.  The Mitsubishe 9900A UPS offers unparalleled reliability with the most efficient system in the industry and significantly reduced footprint and weight.


.965 Power Factor = the Most Efficient UPS on the Market.

Special Features of the Mitsubishi 9900A UPS include:

System Expansion with the addition of UPS modules is required if future load demand becomes apparent.  For most MMS available today, the reverse scenario of System Reduction with the capability of utilizing the removed UPS module is not possible without UPS module modification.

With the Mitsubishi Electric MMS, not only System Expansion but also System Reduction is possible, with the capability to utilize the removed UPS module for Single Module System (SMS) applications, because each Mitsubishi 9900A UPS module has independent static bypass and control circuitry.  This System Expansion and Reduction capability results in a highly flexible system configuration.


Reduced footprint and weight for the Mitsubishi 9900A UPS

  • 80kVA, 480 VAC/VDC, 27,6" wide x 32.5" deep x 80.6" high, 882 lbs.
  • 100kVA, 480 VAC/VDC, 27,6" wide x 32.5" deep x 80.6" high, 882 lbs.
  • 150kVA, 480 VAC/VDC, 35.4" wide x 32.5" deep x 80.6" high, 1,146 lbs.
  • 225kVA, 480 VAC/VDC, 35.4" wide x 32.5" deep x 80.6" high, 1,235 lbs.


Mitsubishi 9900A IGBT Technology

Mitsubishi Electric is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced, high performance Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT).  Mitsubishi utilized their IGBT market expertise by incorporating IGBT technology in the converter and inverter sections of the Mitsubishi 9900A Series.  These advanced, high performance transistors provide a variety of intelligent features, including: Large power capabilities Low control power consumption High speed switching • Generator compatible Low input current THD Low audible noise

mitsubishi UPS 7011A 2033c 2033g 2033a 2033d 9800 9900a 9900B

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